Amazon Affiliate Marketing: The Oldest Trick in the Book

I write for, one of the most powerful companies in the world. It’s a company with almost 80,000 employees, more than 75 years of history, and $100 billion in sales.

And when I write for Amazon, the least I get is $0.00. It’s an almost worthless little payoff.

But Amazon knows something I don’t. The old methods of marketing can and do work. But only if you’re willing to work hard for little reward.

When we were writing for Google a couple years ago, for example, my book was advertised to more than 500,000 users in the short time it was running.

But Amazon made it worth the effort. When my book was about to get published on Amazon, I had a part-time job working for Google and Amazon to promote it to millions of readers.

It was worth every minute. But not because they made it worth my time. It was worth my time because Amazon made it worth the effort.

I’m telling you all this because of a lot of things I’ve read lately on the Internet. And in particular I read a post by Allen Tinkham on the homepage of called “7 Ways to Use WordPress for Affiliate Marketing.”

Where Does Amazon Spend Its Money?

We wrote about a bunch of the businesses Amazon used to get into the affiliates program and all their affiliates.

I wrote about Airbnb. The CEO used to sell socks in his office. It’s just one small example.

I wrote about buying eBay followers so we could rank in Google.

These aren’t programs that make any real money. But they’re still worth the effort. The $100 you can earn from Twitter in three days if you get lucky. Or the $3,000 you can earn in six months from Facebook if you spend the time to find the perfect influencers.

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