What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is an enterprise level hosting service which makes it a hassle-free to operate for enterprises and is a different animal than hosting companies that compete for on-premise hosting. Cloud hosting allows companies to focus on building a better product and make sure their requirements are being met on a regular basis. The entire process is guided by a vendor who manages all their requirements and contributes towards creating an optimal environment.


What is Cloud Hosting?

Some experts are comparing cloud hosting to hosting on shared computers in a local area network (LAN). With cloud hosting, enterprises have the flexibility to change a hosting plan whenever they want to, this is also called “software as a service” hosting.

Important benefits of Cloud Hosting

Performant, quality computing power: With cloud hosting, users can focus on the implementation rather than the maintenance, which can be automated by a cloud provider.
Manageability: With cloud hosting, enterprises can make sure that their applications are up-to-date through automated software updates and maintenance.
Lower cost: Cloud hosting lowers the costs of operations by eliminating the usage of servers which can consume large amounts of resources.
Assurance: Enterprise cloud hosting provides assurance of secure and stable computing environment.
Accessibility: Cloud hosting is an ideal platform for remote management of operations. Remote access to an enterprise cloud server by a remote administrative console can provide an enterprise with complete control over their servers.


Cloud hosting allows users to leverage a vast array of modern technologies while sharing infrastructure costs. It provides assurance of a safe environment and help in making sure that enterprises get the optimum performance. With the growing importance of cloud computing, cloud hosting is evolving and offering more services and benefits.
Cloud hosting enables organizations to transition from traditional server-based computing to virtual servers.

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